Create Unique Forms For Your Online Business

Get Handouts Online is a web based platform where you can create forms, publish to your website in minuets, and view all your collected data!

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Making Forms with the Form Builder

With Get Handouts Online, making online forms is fast and easy. You don't need any web development skills to customize a modern looking form to collect the information you're after. There is no limit to the number of forms you can build, so make as many as you'd like!

This platform allows you to add digital files your users can download instantly after they hit submit. You can even choose to add opt-in/opt-out boxes if you are trying to push certain promotions. Add as little or as many fields you wish, choose your Submit button colors and sizes and even form dimensions. Are you ready to start building? Create an account today to get started!

Using Your Form

Embed a Form onto Your site

With this easy to use platform, you are given an HTML code snippet where you can easily embed a form onto your website.

Share the Form’s URL

Each form is given a unique GetHandouts. Online URL for sharing on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else you can post a link! If you're already in the business of email marketing, you can use this tool to link your existing audience to new forms.

Responsive Mobile Form Platform

The platform notices when users are on a smartphone or tablet and displays the mobile form that is specifically optimized for smaller touchscreen devices!

Store Responses and Export to Excel

The easiest way to look at all your collected data is to export it to an excel file that is easily downloaded to your computer. There, you can see and organize your information to understand what your next steps are will be.

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